Public Events
04.06.2019 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Oshawa Area Scouting


  • Scout Trucks 2019
    Rally Trucks18 wheeler kits may be purchased from the Scout Shop and must be assembled and completed
    prior to the event. While there are a few rules the objective here is to have fun.
    Truck Requirements:
    The overall length cannot exceed 44.5 cm.
    The over all width cannot exceed 8.5 cm.
    The overall height cannot exceed 11.5 cm.
    The overall weight cannot exceed 800gms (no exceptions).
    You cannot alter the length of the axles in any way (otherwise the truck will not fit on the
    In addition, the truck must have all the wheels that come with the kit installed and they all
    have to contact the track.
    The truck must have a cab and trailer and the cab and trailer should pivot freely.
    Paint – not allowed on the bottom of cab or trailer.
    These rules must be followed to ensure the trucks will fit on the track and will go through the
    starting gate. Unlike Kub Kars it is OK to use decals & put things on the truck, (cars, logs etc)
    as long as it conforms to these dimensions. Other than that, use your imagination and have fun.
    Race Event:
    April 6th, 2018 6:00 pm to 8:00pm
    Simcoe St United Church
    $10 per truck
    You must be registered and weighed in by 6:20pm. Race starts at 6:30 SHARP.
    Registration forms must be in by March 16 th
    to get an assigned number. Late entries will
    be taken only if space permits.
    Registration payments made by Cheque to: Scouts Canada, Cash or EFT to
    There will be awards for both Design and Speed.
    There will be 3 categories: Scouts, Venturers & Scouters/Rovers